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A good resume will be an outline of your work history, accreditation’s and references consisting of bullet points.You must avoid using long paragraphs as they will make your resume very hard to read. An employer may have to read through hundreds of resumes. Resumes that are quick and easy to read are the ones that get the interview, providing that you qualify for the job.

The purpose of a resume is to get the job interview, not to secure the job. If possible a resume should be a cover letter and one page of your work history, accreditation’s and references consisting of bullet points.

Your cover letter should be short and easy to read, made up of one or two paragraphs focusing on the fact that you are a well qualified hard working team player.


Here an example of the cover letter:

Jesse Woods

13011 31 St.

My City, NY.   1000

Phone:  (111) 101 0000



To Whom It May Concern:

I am applying for a position with your company. I am a dependable, enthusiastic and hard working person. I am confident that I will be a productive member of your team.

Attached is my resume for your consideration. I am looking forward to a personal interview at your convenience.




Jesse Woods



Here is an example of the resume:



13011 31 St.  My City, NY.  10000

Phone: (111) 101 0000



To obtain a position offering an opportunity to use my skills and become a productive member of your team.

Work experience

January, 2026 – March, 2027          WaleDart                     My City, NY

Accounting Clerk

 § Accounting Department


July, 2025 – Dec, 2026                    Floor Walt                    My City, NY

Accounting Clerk

 § Accounting Department


June, 2024- July, 2025              Manufacturing PP1             My City, NY


§ Packaging  Mattresses


 January , 2023- June, 2024            MaBakers                     My City, NY


§ Packaging  Bakery Products


June, 2021- July, 2023                     BakersRUS                  My City, NY

Bakery Clerk

§ Labeling & Packaging  Bakery Products


2000 – 2010                       Readers Best College                My City, NY

§ Accounting


§ BSC- Accounting


Chermal Chu                                                                 Ph.  111 111 1111

Marian Galarian                                                             Ph.  111 111 0000

Margret Regret                                                               Ph.  100 111 1001


Here is the sample resume, in both Microsoft Word and OpenOffice format, free to click, download and modify:

Sample Resume Microsoft Word 2013

Sample Resume OpenOffice 2015

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